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Troop 7 Training

Youth Training


Merit Badge Classes


Troop 7 offers formal Merit Badge classes during the regular weekly meetings.  Eagle required merit badges are offered every year supplemented with others based upon troop demand.  All merit badges must be approved by a merit badge counselor prior to beginning any merit badge requirements.


Monthly Trips & Campouts


Troop 7 camps as often as possible.  All campouts offer numerous opportunities for informal training (such as fire building, or scout craft).  Many of the campouts are focused on a particular skill (canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, etc.), and typically offer training in that skill.

Upcoming campouts are listed on the troop calendar.


In addition to camping Troop 7 offers exciting trips to places like Charleston, SC to visit the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia for winter skiing.  While these are not camping opportunities they are a chance for the boys to pick up partial, or all, merit badge requirements of certain merit badges they are working on.  They also let the boys experience something they may not otherwise have the opportunity to see.


Summer Camp

Troop 7 participates in at least one week-long Summer Camp, either in council or out.  These weeks are held at council operated Boy Scout camps, which offer formal classes for specific Merit Badges and rank advancement through First Class Scout.



Youth Leadership Training

The boys run the troop program and Boy Scouts of America recognizes that in order for the boys to become effective leaders they require specific leadership training.  The two primary programs for Youth Leadership Training are:

·         Troop Junior Leader Training or JLT- This is Basic Leadership training for scouts.  This training is offered annually to all Troop 7 scouts, First Class rank and above.  In JLT the scout will gain an understanding of the principals of scouting, the meaning of leadership, and the specific skills needed when leading other scouts.

Scouts should complete this training either before taking a leadership position, or as soon as possible afterward.

·         New Leader Orientation - This is required for all boys who accept a leadership position within Troop 7.  New leaders must meet with the Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, and Asst. Senior Patrol Leader after their appointment to a position to review their leadership duties and ensure an understanding of what is expected of them while they hold their leadership position.

·         Council Youth Leadership Training Conference - This is advanced leadership training for Scouts.  It is a seven-day outdoor experience, conducted by Occoneechee Council using format very similar to the adult Wood Badge course.




Junior Leadership Resource Guide



Adult Leader Training


The Boy Scouts of America has a large variety of training available for adult leaders.  The Moore District provides most of our adult training.  For information see the district website at


Youth Protection Training


Youth Protection Training is a short group training session offered to the entire troop that teaches you what you need to know to protect both our Scouts and our adult leaders from abuse.  Youth Protection Training is required for all adult leaders.  Your individual certification for this training must be renewed every three years.


Fast Start Training


This is where all new leaders should begin their training.  This training is offered online through our council and can be taken at any time.


New Leader Essentials


This 1-1/2 hour course is an introduction to scouting and should be taken before any other course below as it explains the basic scouting methods that all adult leaders need to know.  It is recommended that all adult leaders take this course.


Troop Committee Training


This 3 hour course helps committee members better understand their role and responsibilities both within the troop and in relation to the chartered organization.  This course is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for the Troop Committee Chairman and anyone wishing to sit on the troop committee. 


Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Training


This 9-hour course covers the basic skills that all adults need to know when working with a troop in this capacity.  There are two components of the training; classroom and camping.  Training begins with a two-part class, New Leader Essentials and Scoutmaster Specific Training, usually held over two consecutive weekends.  The second component is the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills and takes place over a 2–day weekend.  Both of these components are required in order to wear the “Trained” tab on the adult uniform.


Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills


This weekend course gives adults the practical outdoor skills they need to lead Scouts in their camping experiences.  This course can be taken alone or in conjunction with the Committee or SM&ASM training.  It is recommended that you first take New Leader Essentials.


Wood Badge Training


Wood Badge is advanced training for adult scout leaders.  This course is offered only once per year, usually in the fall, as a series of weekend events.  Scouters taking this course must be committed to two full weekends beginning Friday morning and culminating Sunday evenings for training.


Other Training Opportunities


·         Safety Afloat.  The initial course may be taken on-line through the council website and is followed up by a practical training session on the water. This training is REQUIRED prior to any troop boating, canoeing, sailing, or rafting activities.

·         Safe Swim Defense.  The initial course may be taken on-line through the council website and is followed up by a practical training session on the water. This training is REQUIRED prior to any troop swimming activities.


Monthly District Roundtable


The Moore District schedules a monthly roundtable meeting for adult leaders on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  All scouting adults are welcome.  These sessions offer timely information on local Scouting events, and often include a training session on some aspect of adult leadership.